Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Robert Kiyosaki's Seminar at Kuala Lumpur

On the 23rd to 25th of May, Robert Kiyosaki and his team of advisors presented their teachings of financial IQ under "How the Rich are getting Richer and How you can be Rich too" at National Achievers Congress 2009.

The hotel that I stayed is Hotel Sun Inn D'Mind. Reason is it cost RM85/night and is closed to the convention centre. Nice room with bathroom attached.

I used the KTM train from Sentral, KL to Serdang. The hotel can be seen from the Station.

Serdang station is also near the Kajang station (one-stop) but there is not even a Kajang Sate store near walking distance..

Lucky I brought my Robert K's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" book for him to autograph on the 2nd Day.

Also bought Michael Maloney's "Guide to Investing Gold & Silver" for him to autograph. Very technical guy with lots of facts and good with history. Bought a silver with 1-Troy Ounce that cost RM180.00. Check out his website @ GoldSilver.

Also enrolled in Forex Trading called "Super Sized Trading Income" by Gred Secker to beld on August 2009. I liked the idea of being coach by a forex professional during the workshop and being able to start trading after that. High profit Low risk is the Motto..check out the website @ Knowledge To Action. Hope to start a blog for this too......

Video of the 1st session of the seminar

Video of the seminar hall at one of the madness session, where people are rushing to buy something from the Robert K's advisers or merchandise.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Financial Crisis My A#s!!

I went to KL last weekend for Robert Kiyosaki's seminar. After each day, I have some spare time in the afternoon that I went to Mines Shopping Mall and Midvalley Shopping Mall & The Garden.

To my surprise, there is no "crisis" in KL, or at least at the shopping mall that I went.

Traffic jam on weekend....view from pedestrian walkway at KTM Commuter train.

People jam in shops and alleys.......

Now, those who said that there is a financial crisis should visit the Malls, or the nearest mall for that matter ;D